J Hann (Amazon, about Danger Dad)

5.0 out of 5 stars Super book!

16 November 2019

Great book and lovely to show disability in a positive light. Lovely illustration too

Sparklymummy (Amazon, about Danger Dad))

5.0 out of 5 stars Instant bedtime staple!

24 November 2019

This book was an instant hit, have read it lots since we got it. The illustrations are fun (my daughter loved the bogies best!) as it the story and the large font means that my new reader can easily sound out some of the words. It’s become an instant bedtime favourite in our house.

John R  (Amazon, about Sentinel)

4.0 out of 5 stars A different sort of hero!

19 August 2020

Lucy struggles in social, busy / noisy situations! Her family have learnt how to support her but strangers still find her 'odd'. Many families will be able to relate to Lucy and the sacrifices that have been made to make life easier - that, in itself, makes this book a reassurance. This is a lovely story for both children (age 10-13?) who love a magical adventure, and those who are maybe a bit like Lucy and want to see themselves represented as the hero! (It also has a few telling asides from a mum on the inside!) I enjoyed the story and would definitely read more from Laura J Carter!

Ours [Captain Wobbly] arrived today, sent one to school & one for home. They love it! Lovely, fun story, bright and beautifully illustrated.

                  (Customer via Facebook)

So in love with this, a MUST have #Fridayreads Captain Wobbly


         athlete via instagram)

Dear Wobbly Press,

My nephew, Huw, is 6 years old and high functioning autistic. He loves figures, shapes and colours and can tell you how to mix shades of colours that most men have never heard of!

He is a creature of habit and does not like change. If there is a book that he likes then you can read that book every night for 6 months and it has to be a character he has seen on TV or YouTube.

It took some persuading and wheedling and "C'mon, my friend wrote it and I think you'll really like it. We can read Postman Pat afterwards if you don't like it" but I got to read Captain Wobbly and he joined in - especially enjoying the "BOOM!" 

That was that "Night night, see you in the morning"
A whole week later on the next sleepover I grabbed Postman Pat. "What story would you like tonight, Huw?"
"Hmmmm" came the reply with a thoughtful face followed by a big grin "How about Captain Wobbly?!"

That's all the commendation I require. Bring on the next book, Mrs Carter, you were a hit!!

    (Captain Wobbly)

Hi,  I've just got to tell you that I bought 2 books. One of them I gave to a bloke I've worked with for 7 years. His 5 year old daughter who is the same age as my son has CP. His wife got tearful when he took the book home, as apparently they often sit down with her and talk about being wobbly. I never knew. Your book is so special xx

(Captain Wobbly)

Mrs D. (Captain Wobbly)

5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon Review)

A book for children with or without a disability.

Think Julia Donaldson but with a great inclusion theme and up to date pop culture references. In a nutshell, the hero rescues a girl (who isn't particularly nice) from a monster and then behaves better towards them in the end. Fantastically written and illustrated, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my 2.5 year old with cerebral palsy and look forward to reading it to my neurotypical daughter when she's older.

This innovative and highly entertaining series of books is a delightful way to engage and encourage children to understand that disability is not a barrier to having fun.  The main character in the stories is confident and happy to participate in any adventure that falls his way.  It was very perceptive of the author to fill a gap in the market and embrace this issue head on.  The book is accompanied by delightful illustrations which accurately reflect the story .  Both books have been well received by our children in school and we look forward to the third in the series, due out in Spring 2017. I can imagine, once mainstream publishers see the quality of the story and illustrations, they too will wish they had the idea! Congratulations.

Rosemary Coleman 

English Lead

Burstow Primary School.                               (Captain Wobbly)

“Danger Dad’s heart of gold”

Lovely take on a dad’s daily ‘adventures’. One I will certainly be reading with my school children and will share with my own children!

5* review on Waterstones